15 Sales Enablement Leaders You Should Know

By Elay Cohen
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Get to know some of the most innovative enablement leaders on the planet. These are pioneers defining what is sales enablement. They are all revenue multipliers making huge impacts at their companies and in the industry. Listen to their stories. Watch their videos. Learn from them. Connect with them. Become a member of the Saleshood Community.

15 Sales Enablement Leaders You Should Know

Sheevaun Thatcher Sheevaun Thatcher
Vice President, Global Digital Learning and Enablement
Ring Central

Get to know and learn from one of the most experienced leaders in the industry. Watch this video to better understand what great enablement looks like.


Senior Sales Trainer

Ronald Thomas is a long-time sales enablement professional with deep sales training and high impact coaching experience. Learn from his amazing career and experience at Sage.

Mark Siciliano Mark Siciliano
Vice President of Sales Productivity & Strategy

Mark Siciliano is a very accomplished leader. He’s spoken at many of our conferences over the years and is also hy. ighlighted in my book Enablement Master. Watch this short video to learn from his “Flipped Classroom Techniques For Remote Sales Teams.” Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us.

Michelle Schmuhl Michelle Schmuhl

Sales Operations Manager
Sales Enablement Success Story

Everyone talks about crowdsourcing win stories to replicate success and boost sales results. Michelle made it happen. Her team’s deal win stories are a big part of their culture and why they keep winning. Learn from how Michelle “Crowdsources Deal Win Stories To Build A World-Class Sales Training Organization.”

Werner Schmidt Werner Schmidt
Vice President, Sales Enablement

Listen to this amazing talk on “Building The Business Case For Sales Enablement” by the super talented and award winning Werner Schmidt. You can’t execute a global sales transformation at a multi-national organization like Sage without building the business case, gaining consensus, securing buy-in and ultimately winning executive support.

Callie Apt Callie (Taggart) Apt
Vice President, Enablement

Learn how to create recording breaking pipeline from an inspirational and data-driven leader, Callie Apt. You can read this great summary of Callie’s high impact work her and her executed. Click here.

Caitlin Rolla Caitlin (Rolla) Brannan
Director, Field Enablement
Smart Recruites

It’s amazing to see a successful, smart and creative product marketer, like Caitlyn, make the transition into a high impact sales enablement leader. What a great story!!! In this video, Caitlyn shares the value of enabling field remote teams with micro-learning and bite-sized content.

James Simpson James Simpson

AVP, Post Sales Enablement
Ring Central

I remember watching James record this talk and heading straight to the camera person to double make sure we were capturing every word of it. James wow’d us that day and his talk has stood the test of time even in a world where we’re all remote. What stood out for me from this talk is the activity-based specificity James and RingCentral do when they are onboarding new hires and the focus on outcomes. We have so much to learn from James.

Quyen (Le) Chang Quyen (Le) Chang
Head of Global Revenue Enablement

Quyen’s path to becoming a rockstar enablement leader, from consulting to support to technical enablement to enablement leadership, is unique. Listen to this interview to learn about Quyen’s journey. Whether you’re new to enablement or a veteran, or you want to jump in to the field of enablement, take advantage of Quyen’s lessons learned.

Aaron Farley Aaron Farley
VP Global Sales Enablement

Aaron Farley is a very accomplished revenue enablement leader. We interviewed Aaron to learn more about his top 2021 priorities. He shared: “We’re aligning our enablement efforts across Sales, Marketing, Technical and Professional Services teams. We’re emphasizing the importance of scale and execution with more governance, communications, visibility and metrics.”

Alita Maggiani Alita Maggiani
Senior Program Manager, Enablement

Alita Maggiani is a rising star in the sales enablement world, recently promoted at Yext and making a big impact.
It’s amazing to listen to this keynote on ramping teams quickly with onboarding with learning, coaching and “stand and deliver” assessments that are high impact and virtual. Keep showing us how it’s done, Alita.

Sarah Gross (Fricke) Sarah Gross (Fricke

Vice President, Enablement

Sarah Gross is an amazing enablement leader. Sarah outlines a world-class manager enablement program focused on developing a strategic coaching framework that has had a big impact at RingCentral. Sarah walks us through the program vision, coaching philosophies, expected outcomes and results. This is the playbook for rolling new manager programs and tools especially for 1:1s, territory planning and pipeline development. Congrats to you Sarah on your success and career growth.

Vice President, Enablement

In 2020, Jill Guardia recorded a fabulous talk on lessons learned from Trinet’s virtual SKO – TRIUMPH. It’s worth the time to watch. Be sure to bring a pen and paper and get ready to take a lot of notes.

Deborah Scherba Deborah Scherba
Sales Enablement Director

Deb Scherba has so many innovative and creative ideas to share around enabling our remote teams. Invest the ten minutes to watch this video Deb recorded in 2020 after the pandemic started. Get inspired. Get creative. Learn from Deb. Engage your teams in new ways.

Melissa Regan Melissa Regan
Senior Manager, Global Sales Enablement & Onboarding

Melissa’s Regan exudes creativity and confidence. Watch this video and earn a mini-MBA on creating enablement programs that are fun, engaging and high impact. Melissa uses gamification, micro-learning, spaced repetition and assessments, all wrapped around a carnival metaphor to deliver incredible learning outcomes for her BDRs. Watch this keynote to get inspired by Melissa.

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