Keep your revenue teams in sync with interactive training and onboarding

Accelerate the impact of your sales enablement programs with bite-sized sales training, micro-assessments, video role-playing and peer-to-peer collaboration. Quickly boost the competence and confidence of your revenue teams with AI and social learning.

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Achieve breakthroughs in sales productivity with SalesHood

Dave Frechette
SVP, Sales
“SalesHood is a key platform to help accelerate the time to ramp for our new AE’s while also helping our existing AEs with continued learning and coaching to improve their sales performance. I selected SalesHood three times at three different companies to help us with scaling our sales teams worldwide.”
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Replicate your top performers at scale by speeding up sales productivity breakthroughs in readiness.

SalesHood ramps sellers faster with AI Coach and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. Personalized learning paths provide a Netflix-like experience for your sales training content. 

Consistently close more deals with SalesHood's sales coaching solution.

SalesHood’s turnkey sales coaching content and templates enable sales managers to provide teams with personalized and prescriptive coaching feedback and recommendations.

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All-in-one sales enablement platform

SalesHood’s purpose-built sales enablement solution speeds up sales productivity breakthroughs in readiness, effectiveness and execution by replicating your top performers.

Replicate winning sales plays with curated content

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Consistently close more deals with buyer enablement

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