Fast start 2024 with a turnkey sales kickoff

Realize in-quarter sales productivity results by aligning and certifying your teams before, during and after your 2024 sales kickoff.

Sales kickoffs 2024

Sales kickoff season is here.

Most teams today have less pipeline and lower win-rates. Teams are smaller. We’re all being asked to do more with less. Budgets are smaller and we’re getting less support from our enablement teams. You need to get your teams aligned and consistently running winning sales plays and a tight sales process.  We have the world’s only turnkey sales kickoff solution that guarantees in quarter results. Where are you in your SKO journey? We’re here to help.

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Use sales kickoff to drive better execution of MEDDICC.


  • World-class courses & micro-learning
  • Award winning in-person facilitators
  • Cutting edge AI-powered reinforcement
  • AI-powered deal reviews and operational assessments
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Boost sales productivity with immersive sales training.


  • Discovery and questioning skills sales training
  • Digital selling sales training
  • Prospecting training
  • B2B SaaS sales process training
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Boost conversational competence with AI Coach


  • Messaging certification program design
  • Automated pitch scoring with SalesHood AI
  • Immersive stand and deliver workshops
  • Gamification and social learning
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Sales kickoff resources

Here are guides and tools to help you execute high impact sales kickoffs.

Guide to the ultimate kickoff

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Sales Kickoffs 2024: Ideas, trends and tips

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Guide to Sales Kickoffs

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What revenue problems are you trying to solve in 2024?

Sales kickoffs are the time to fast start the year. Most revenue organization are now looking to improve sales effectiveness and sales productivity. Revenue leaders are looking to get back to basics with sales execution by training teams to be better at asking questions and running a winning process and becoming conversationally competent and confident on the lastest messaging.

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