Sales Kickoff 2024 Trends and Tips

December 7th 10 AM PT | 1 PM ET

Join a host of amazing speakers on December 7th for an hour of sales kickoff (SKO) ideas, trends and tips. We’ll show you how to incorporate AI into your SKO and we’ll even throw in some SKOmedy! 

  • Elay Cohen will walk us through the latest industry insights and trends from SalesHood annual SKO survey.
  • Kristen Reynolds from Kong will walk us through her top ten list of sales kickoff best practices.
  • Jon Selig, comedy writer for revenue teams, will share crowdsourced do’s and don’ts from past sales kickoffs.

Expect to walk away with a lot of fresh new ideas and insights you can apply at your upcoming 2024 sales kickoff.

Director, Globel Revenue Enablement Programs
Chief of Stuff