Sales enablement template for executive impact emails

By Elay Cohen
Download enablement plan
Download enablement plan

Sales enablement leaders do so much work above and beyond their job. Many are the glue that brings together go-to-market teams, departments and processes. You can watch this video to see what it’s like to be an enablement multiplier. One of the areas enablement professionals fall short on is sharing successes. We don’t do a good job sharing program highlights and impact. We don’t do a great job correlating our learning programs, coaching and content to revenue outcomes. One proven tip is to share an executive summary with key stakeholders like your CRO, CMO, sales leaders and front line managers. It’s also not a bad thing to share updates with your CEO too if you have the relationship and if it’s appropriate.


    • Use short, crisp sentences
    • Bold each section
    • Don’t be heavy in text
    • Find a couple images to include
    • Share links to go deep on reports and content
    • Include real life, people examples when possible
    • Be clear on the top line and don’t bcc people
    • Open transparent communications are important

Here’s the detailed template with examples:

Subject Line Keep the subject line short and impact driven. The subject line, just like marketing emails, should grab attention and pull your stakeholders into the email to want to read more. Here are some examples,
  • April Enablement Update: $10M in New Pipeline
  • Onboarding Update: Reps Are Ready To Prospect
Opening Line Have a crisp opening line explaining the purpose of your email. Welcome to our monthly enablement team highlights brief. Our goal is to spotlight some programs and some impact we are having on the business.
Program Summary Provide a list of the programs with names. Include participation and completion data. If you have impact numbers even better. You can share this in text or table format. If you have a report setup you can also show a screen shot of that. Here are some examples:
  • New Hire Onboarding: 50 participants, 100% completion
  • New Playbook: AEs, 1,500 views, Pipeline Influenced ($$)
  • New Pitch Roll-Out: All Sales, 100% completion, # peer reviews
Impacts Proving impact is hard. Share an impact story. Focus on leading indicators. Look for ways you are impacting activities, contact outreach and pipeline. While traditional metrics like “time to first deal” and “time to quota” are important to measure, relying on that data is sometime not helpful because too much time has passed without coaching and feedback. Here are some examples:
  • New Playbook: Generated over $XM in new pipeline
  • SDR Onboarding: 100 calls in one 7 days after starting
  • Territory Planning Coaching: Self-sourced pipeline

You can connect this section with the programs or just highlight on one impact area depending on how well your programs are doing and how much correlation analysis you’re doing.

Stories It’s a great idea to share some success stories of real people. Pick a couple people and highlight them. Include their LinkedIn profiles too. How cool would that be if your CRO or CEO connected with them on Linkedin and said great work. The purpose of the stories is to humamize the program for your leaders.
  • Include the name, title and why you’re showcasing them.
Priorities Share some insight into what’s coming up next and why. Provide a short list of some of the upcoming priorities. Include the item including the measure or expected revenue outcomes.
Close It’s good to close your email with an ask. You could request a meeting or request participation in an upcoming program or request they record a video.
  • Example 1: Thanks for taking the time to read through what the enablement team is working on and impacting. We’d love to dive into the details with you, when’s a good time to meet this month?
  • Example 2: Thanks for taking the time to read through what the enablement team is working on and impacting. We’d love to get you on camera recording a launch video for our new program, any interest in helping us motivate the teams? Your words will go a long way to align the teams even more.

Agree on a good cadence with your team, eg. weekly or twice a month and stick to it. Correlate the outcomes to your initiatives and share your successes ????

R.E.C.A.P Framework

Another great template email for your leaders and stakeholders is the R.E.C.A.P. framework: Recognize Your Team Start your note by recognizing your team along side the organizations you partner with like ops, marketing and products.

Elevate High Impact Programs Provide the details of your programs launched this past year. Include training, ramping, coaching, content and playbooks. Highlight the programs that made an impact and had company-wide visibility.

Correlate Your Impact Look at your sales performance data. Make high impact program outcomes visible to the team. Share leading indicators like pipeline created and pipeline progression along with lagging indicators like closed business and quota attainment.

Amplify Success Stories Share team and individual success stories. Look for teams that were fast adopters of your programs and the beneficiaries of your great content. Share their stories. Pick a few people and teams to highlight. Make them your stars.

Prioritize What’s Next Include the details on your plans. Ensure you’re aligned with your leadership team’s top priorities. It’s a good idea to provide a glimpse into what you and your team will be working out in the coming months and year ahead.

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