We’re huge fans of the MEDDIC sales process. It’s a great sales methodology. It’s simple. It’s common sense. It’s strategic. It’s lightweight. It’s easy to do sales coaching and reinforcing of the MEDDIC sales methodology.

The MEDDIC sales methodology inspired many of the sales coaching videos and sales team huddles in the SalesHood Library. While many organizations embrace MEDDIC, most don’t do the right kind of reinforcement with coaching, team huddles, and MEDDIC best practice storytelling.

Here are some thoughts to help with a MEDDIC rollout and plan for success with short bite-sized coaching huddles and MEDDIC story best practices:

  1. Create team coaching huddles for each MEDDIC letter
  2. Create a monthly best practice story to be recorded for each MEDDIC letter (60 to 90 seconds each). Be proactive and nominate deals for each MEDDIC story to record.
  3. Create customer win stories for mapping letter to the rep win story framework

If the MEDDIC sales method is still in play for you as a strategic initiative, here are some suggestions for best practices and tips to follow:

M – Metrics

Sales Coaching Huddle: Help teams understand teams how to uncover metrics and use them in a sales cycle.Make sure to Include sales tools.

Best Practice Story: Have reps record a story answering the question, “What’s the economic impact of your solution for one of their larger deals?”.

E – Economic Buyer

Sales Coaching Huddle: Review strategies to working with economic buyers and strategies to engage and build rapport.

Best Practice Story: Have your team’s record a story about a deal answering the question, “Who is the economic buyer and what’s the strategy to engage and build rapport?”.

D – Decision Criteria

Sales Coaching Huddle: Coach teams to be better at mapping out the decision criteria on deals. Remind teams to do this early and often in all sales pursuits.

Best Practice Story: Have sellers record a short story for one of their deals regarding who the economic buyer is and what the strategy is to engage? Ask “What have you done to build rapport with your economic buyer?”.

D – Decision Process

Sales Coaching Huddle: Be better at uncovering the decision process in deals. Be able to explain how a deal gets across the finish line.

Best Practice MEDDIC Story: Have sellers record a MEDDIC story answering the question, “Where are we in the timeline of one of their biggest deal’s decision process?”. Explain how the deal gets across the finish line.

I – Identify Pain

Sales Coaching Huddle: Coach and enable teams to be better at identifying pain, compelling events, and supporting key performance indicators. Include sample questions to ask by persona.

Best Practice MEDDIC Story: Record a story answering the question what is the identified pain and supporting KPIs for an active deal. Please include the compelling event in the story.

C – Champion

Sales Coaching Huddle: Have your team share best practices and reinforce how to best engage and partner with MEDDIC champions.

Best Practice MEDDIC Story: Record a story answering the question “Who is the champion on an active deal and what’s the strategy to sell with your champion?”.

There are many benefits to doing MEDDIC process reinforcement this way:

    1. Create a library of rich content and best practices. Your new hires love the SalesHood Library of pitches and deal wins. The data proves it.
    2. Improve sale execution without taking folks out of the field.
    3. Scale coaching and help your managers be better managers.

Have questions? Suggestions for improvement? Feel free to reach out if you are having trouble instituting the MEDDIC methodology in your organization, or have any suggestions on how to further improve the Sales Coaching process.

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