Video Storytelling Creates Culture & Revenue

By Elay Cohen
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Download digital selling guide

Video Storytelling Creates Culture And Revenue – It’s proven: When sales teams continuously share best practices, they ramp faster, generate more pipeline, and shorten deal cycle times.

But, who has the time and money to fly reps around the world for sales kick off events or spend time doing multi-day in person workshops? The opportunity cost alone of time away from selling will hurt a month or a quarter. And, who is really listening to those one-to-many webinar broadcasts? There must be a better way.

In today’s mobile inspired social world, powered by YouTube, video storytelling is increasingly becoming the predominant way we share and consume content. Video storytelling is also proven to scale how we capture and distribute sales rep best practices like deal wins, objections, pitches, competitive traps, and customer stories to name a few. These stories, if distributed to a rep’s mobile, are available anywhere, anytime. Video storytelling is the best way to efficiently capture best practices and get what’s working and what’s not working in the hands of reps, fast. It’s also collaborative, creative, social, valuable, and fun.

Imagine a connected sales organization sharing and consuming mobile video stories, all the time. Imagine a sales culture where this is the norm. The impact on culture, productivity, and the bottom-line is tremendous.

What Reps Need And Want?

Here is a list of video sales content that is bite-sized, valuable to sales teams, high impact, and easy to capture on mobile devices. Crowdsourcing these and getting them in the hands of reps is the secret sauce of creating a winning sales culture.

Deal Wins: As deals are closed, reps are notified to record their deal win stories. They answer a few guided questions. The video deal win stories are much more impactful than a bland deal win email. Reps loving hearing winning reps share their story. Ring! Ring

Top Rep Pitches: Have reps share their elevator pitches in a contest. Provide guidance that get reps practicing the right messages:

  1. Start with a catchy opening or industry stat.
  2. Have a clear what we do statement.
  3. Demonstrate value.
  4. Share a compelling customer proof point.
  5. Close with an open-ended question.
  6. Keep it short.

Instantly turn pitches into conversations. Magic.

Customer Stories and Use Cases: Every rep wants and needs more stories. It’s the most important currency in selling. Record customer reference stories by industry, segment, and geography. Use a standard set of questions. Take it a step further and have sales and customer success reps casually interview customers, letting them know the story is for internal training purposes.

Objections: Whatever they are, every rep is hearing them and wanting the best way to handle those tough questions and objections. Create a space to inspire reps to share and listen. Never sell alone.

Competitive Traps: The competitive landscape is always changing. Keeping an ongoing video feed of best practice questions to ask that plant competitive traps i improves win rates. Crush the competition.

And the list goes on and on. What are your typical sales process conversations that become levers to accelerate cycle time?

The Value To Reps And Sales Teams

Beside the ROI of ramping reps faster and closing deals faster, we asked one hundred reps who each recorded “two to three minute deal stories” to share their experience using video storytelling.

The words shared below are remarkable. They highlight the value sales teams see hungry sales teams are for this kind of learning and best practice sharing. (The words are verbatim.)

My personal favorite is: Fan-Freakin-Tastic!

Question: Describe in three words your SalesHood experience recording and watching videos to share best practices:

Enlightening. Informative. Educational.

Collaborative. Valuable. Impactful.

Collaborative. Team Learning.

Pretty Freaking Cool.

Innovative. Collaborative. Creative.

Exciting. Educational. Curiosity.

Mind-boggingly innovating!!!

Reluctant. Thought-Provoking. Valuable.

Enlightening. Repository. Collaborative.

Educational. Insightful. Fun.

Interesting. Educational. Motivating.

Collaboration. Knowledge. Action

Quick. Enlightening. Self-Serving.

Amazing. Informative. Game-Changer.

Insightful. Educational. Collaborative.

Optimism. Learning. Sharing.


New Informative Challenging.

Social. Transparent. Cooperative.

Challenging. Galvanizing. Clarifying.

If your company is ready to embrace video storytelling to scale best practice sharing, nurture culture building and generate revenue, we’re here to help you make it happen.

Ask yourself, what would happen to your culture and revenue if every rep in your company recorded and shared one video story, pitch or objection this week?

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