Scale company-wide readiness with learning paths and gamification.

Make learning fun, engaging and accessible.

“Enablement is no longer constrained to sales. We rolled out SkillsHood to scale a modern digital learning experience for every employee at RTI.”

Curate high impact learning for all of your employees and partners
Develop personalized, micro learning experiences reinforced with manager coaching and feedback. Peer-to-peer social learning comes to life accelerating knowledge sharing. Teams learn by doing with video role-playing. Knowledge is checked with quizzes & assessments. Education and engagement is recognized and rewarded with badges & gamification. Track engagement, completion and certifications with competitive leaderboards.


In Enablement Mastery, Elay Cohen gives you his proven, straightforward, and effective method for aligning people, processes, and priorities with relevant learning, coaching, and communications. Geared toward enablement professionals, this book teaches leadership teams how to deploy the Enablement Process Map to align teams, create a learning culture, and make communications relevant.