Increase sales productivity with manager enablement

SalesHood’s turnkey sales coaching resources, sales training content and generative AI Coach will enable sales managers to provide their teams with more effective and real-time feedback.

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Up-level front-line sales managers

Sales coaching success Story

David Appel
Head of sales
Quarter after quarter, SalesHood’s Coaching Huddles have helped to increase our win-rates and conversion rates. It’s a great way to get our sales team practicing new messaging and learning from each other, especially now while everyone is working remotely.
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Guide your managers to consistently coach

Front-line managers are provided a graphical data-driven timeline with drill down tasks, to view programs and coaching activities for their teams. Enable managers to do more effective and regular 1:1s and sales team coaching with automated activities, notifications, tips, tracking and scorecards.

Replicate your top performers

SalesHood’s purpose-built sales enablement solution replicates top performers at scale by speeding up sales productivity breakthroughs in readiness, effectiveness and execution.

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