Sales Enablement With Intent and Impact

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Join us as we talk about how to become more intentional and strategic with your sales enablement with our guest Carol Sustala, VP Sales Strategy & Enablement and Chief of Staff at Powerschool. Carol Sustala is an experienced and accomplished enablement leader who has a lot to share about why being thoughtful and intentional is the way to drive impact. Carol has proven leadership principles and practices she’ll be sharing. Walk away from this amazing interview understanding the importance of being a strategic enablement leader. Learn how to build relationships with sales and marketing leaders, stay close to the field, always be ahead of the go-to-market curve, Be curious about data with leadership, use metrics and KPIs to drive decisions and investments and deploy the right tools to scale.
Carol Sustala VP Sales Strategy & Enablement
Elay Cohen
Elay Cohen CEO & Co-Founder


Measuring sales performance: Leading vs. lagging indicators

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