Unlocking Your Sales Team: Why Enablement is the Key

Sales leaders around the world are struggling to keep their teams productive. With many sellers in remote or hybrid environments, providing them with the resources they need to be successful at scale is a daunting task. And with constantly growing targets, it can be easy to put enablement to the side and just focus on selling through brute force.But the best sales leaders will tell you that—when implemented and tracked effectively—enablement is the most impactful tool at their disposal for engaging and optimizing their teams, no matter where or when they are.Join our expert panel in this on-demand webinar to hear from Dave Frechette (Sr. Vice President of Sales, Planview, Inc.) and Carrie Bosworth (VP of Sales, Checkr) as they discuss their sales enablement success stories.You’ll learn:- Why investing in enablement is worth it (and how to prove the return)- What good enablement looks like from a leader's perspective, and the critical mistakes to avoid- Practical advice for implementing a powerful enablement process at your company…and much more. Watch the replay today.
Carrie Bosworth VP Sales
Dave Frechette Sr. Vice President Sales

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