First 90 days as a new sales enablement leader

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Navigating your first 90 days as a new sales enablement leader can be overwhelming. What do you focus on? Where do you even begin? Join Penny Springer (VP, Revenue Enablement) and Paul Wooten (Director of Revenue Enablement) from Planview, as they share their secret to building a successful enablement program within their first 90 days. They'll share how they were able to get leadership buy-in, launch training programs, and align a newly merged sales team - all in less than 3 months.

Key pillars for your first 90 days include:
1. Creating alignment and leadership buy-in
2. Determining key priorities 
3. Developing program plans 
4. Establishing key factors for success 
5. Planning for 2022

We'll dive deeper into each topic and we're looking forward to meeting you during our session hosted by Elay Cohen, CEO & Co-founder of SalesHood.
Penny Springer
Penny Springer VP, Revenue Enablement
Paul Wooten
Paul Wooten Director of Revenue Enablement

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