How To Enable Marketers To Be Sales Enablement Experts

By Elay Cohen
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Sales enablement for marketers is a thing. We can’t forget that we need to enable marketers to be sales enablement experts. When done right it helps companies scale and multiply revenue outcomes. Sales enablement is a company-wide initiative. It takes cross-team collaboration to execute sales enablement successfully and marketers have the content so they are key to our success.

Get everyone on the same page, by first teaching your product managers, marketers and subject matter experts how to create content and coaching the right way. If you’re an army of one or have a team of enablement professionals, partnering with subject matter experts at your company will help you and your organization scale.

Start With Awareness and Education

We recommend bringing your content publishers together for an awareness and educational informational call. Share expectations and best practices. Explain to them what a day in the life of a salesperson looks like and also walk them through your sales process. When they understand the sales process and sales methodology, they will be better armed to create content and coaching for your teams.

Hosting launch calls with marketers, product matters and subject matter experts will be eye opening. Join their offsites drive more education and awareness. I know from first hand experience that they’ll appreciate your guidance and coaching.

Provide Relevant Publishing Guidance

Here is some guidance for sales enablement professionals and sales leaders who want to enable marketing teams, product managers and subject matter experts to build better content and coaching for sales teams. It all starts with an enablement foundation inspired by empathy, micro-training content and the buyer’s journey. Here are tips to use the next time you launch a new product launch or campaign.

#1: Always Answer The Question What’s In It For Me (WIFM)?

When we create content, empathize with sales and explain why the content and coaching will help them build more pipeline or close deals faster or close bigger deals. Make the “what’s in it for me” front and center in all communications.

#2: Map Content And Coaching To The Buyer’s Journey

The playbooks, stories, sales tools and pitch aids, should all be mapped to the buyer’s journey. Create micro-content that’s mapped to each step in the sales process. It’s ok to create one big file or playbook, but also create small assets to be served up just-in-time.

#3: Make It Easy For Your Teams To Find Content

Have your content follow your salespeople in Salesforce and other systems. Make it easily discoverable in a centralized sales content library like SalesHood.

Share Feedback and Metrics

Close the loop with your publishers. Send data, feedback and insights. Content they publish should should be measured and assessed. Let them know what content is working and what content needs to be improved. Share reports and reviews of their content. Guess what? Marketers want to know how their content and coaching materials are doing so they can get better too.

Here is a great blog defining the basics of sales enablement. The question it answer is what is sales enablement. Click to read the blog.

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