Improve ramp time by 60%

Ramp your sales team faster with peer reviews and manager coaching. Empower your teams to learn by doing with certifications, hands-on exercises, and video role-playing.

Solutions – Sales Onboarding

Scale onboarding and ramping with SalesHood

Improve sales ramp time and sales productivity by at least 60% with SalesHood’s sales onboarding solution.

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Ramp sellers faster with prescriptive and bite-sized learning.

Prescriptive Learning Paths

  • Easily set up role-based learning paths for new hires using drag and drop technology.
  • Prescribe just-in-time learning, assessments and content with Gen AI personalization.
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Quickly uplevel soft skills and conversation readiness of your teams.

Personalized AI Coach

  • Scale pitch practice, training, and certifications with AI Coach.
  • Receive real-time AI generated feedback on tone, duration, speed, key phrases mentioned and restricted phrases to avoid.

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Correlate learning activity to outcomes

Learning Insights and correlation reporting

  • Prove the revenue impact of your sales enablement and sales onboarding programs.
  • We make it easy to correlate enablement program activities to sales performance data. 
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Sales Onboarding Resources

Here are resources to help you execute sales onboarding

Essential Guid to Sales Onboarding

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Watch AI Coach Demo

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Foundations of Modern Learning

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Sales Onboarding Software proven to improve ramp time

Create a repeatable new hire ramping process with role-based learning paths.

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