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John Guerriere
Director, Sales Enablement
“SalesHood’s sales enablement solution makes the job of our sellers easier and more efficient. SalesHood helps our sellers standout from the competition and close more deals, faster.”

Within Copado’s first 90 days of using SalesHood they realized improvements in win-rates, ASP and attainment. More of their sellers are closing more deals. They continue to see improvements in all sales productivity metrics using SalesHood total sales enablement solution including readiness, messaging certifications, skills training, content management. content sharing, Client Sites along with SalesHood’s robust library of sales training content including MEDDICC.

SalesHood’s sales enablement solution makes the job of Copado’s sellers and customer success teams easier and more efficient. Their revenue teams are out-selling the competition. Copado’s sellers are closing more deals, faster. Copado is using SalesHood revenue enablement solution across their entire go-to-market team along with learning for all their employees too.

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