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DocuSign Sales Enablement Success Story

DocuSign improves to ramp with a modern social learning experience for its sales teams.


  • Curate tips and best practices from top performers in Learning Paths

  • Engage sales teams to learn by doing with just-in-time coaching

  • Engage managers to provide feedback in new hire onboarding and ongoing certifications

  • Measure sales performance and learning path effectiveness

DocuSign is in hypergrowth mode. Its teams are distributed. The offering is broad covering many use cases in many industries. Getting the right learning and content in the hands of their sellers was a top priority for their marketing team. With SalesHood in place for learning and coaching, it made sense to extend to content and communications. One of the big highlights of the story is the enablement contract and partnership that now exists between sales and marketing.

DocuSign streamlined their team's ability to onboard new hires with real-time coaching and just-in-time, hands-on assessments, at the right time. Their sales enablement programs have proven to accelerate deal sales cycles times and reduce time to ramp. for their teams. Their teams are 100% aligned and they are seeing sales cycles shortening by 25%.

The ROI of Sales Enablement at DocuSign

  • Sales and marketing alignment
  • Reduced time to ramp
  • Lift in average selling price

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