From Strategy To Execution With A New Sales Process & Methodology

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As the business landscape continues to evolve, many leaders are realizing it might be time to implement a new sales process and methodology. But how should enablement leaders structure and manage this transformation? Join Paul Butterfield (VP, Global Revenue Enablement at Instructure) and Elay Cohen (CEO at Saleshood) as they share best practices on how to successfully launch a new sales process and methodology to transform your team. They'll provide an overview on how to best structure your enablement program and share firsthand experiences on how properly implementing a new sales methodology like Selling Through Curiosity can increase sales, improve sales velocity, and increase average deal size. Webinar Highlights:  1. Developing a strategy for sales process transformation  2. Selecting a sales methodology  3. Customizing your sales systems   4. Rolling out sales skills training virtually  5. Measuring and correlating impactAbout InstructureInstructure is an education technology company dedicated to improving digital teaching and learning experiences. Our learning platform connects all the digital tools, services, and content that educators and learners love, for an integrated and streamlined learning ecosystem. To date, Instructure supports millions of instructors and learners at more than 4,000 educational institutions and corporations around the world. Learn more about Instructure and our education technology offerings at
Paul Butterfield VP, Global Revenue Enablement
Elay Cohen
Elay Cohen CEO

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