SalesHood - Sales Enablement Platform

“In 2021, we’re aligning all our enablement efforts across our Sales, Technical and Professional our teams. We’re getting the priorities aligned from our CRO to CMO to the product team, so we can collectively “ready, aim, fire” and have a big impact. We’re emphasizing the importance of scale and execution with more governance, communications, visibility and metrics.”


  1. Think beyond just sales enablement
  2. Build a governance process for launch, communications and measuring outcomes
  3. Always secure alignment across leadership
Aaron Farley
VP Global Sales Enablement

“I want to focus on the professional development of my team. We spend a lot of time doing professional development of every other team in the company and we don’t spend enough time developing our teams.  We’re expanding the delightful experience that we provide to our corporate teams to the entire company. We’ll be doing a full corporate and learning and enablement program starting in early 2021.” 


  1. Focus on professional development of our enablement team
  2. Expand enablement to the whole company
  3. Give my team a voice in the industry 
  4. Teach our partners what enablement is and how to execute
Sheevaun Thatcher
Digital Learning and Enablement Leader

“We’d like to invest in our team to do more professional development of our sales enablement team, not just our sellers. We want to continue to push ourselves to do better at what we do. We’re transforming our sales team by building a winning culture and continuing to improve seller productivity We’ll also be growing and supporting our channel.”


  1. Invest in the professional development of our own team
  2. Transform our sales team to build a culture of winning and boosting seller productivity
  3. Grow and develop our channel
Jill Guardia
Executive Director, Sales Enablement

“In 2021, we’ll be data-driven to drive the right decisions and be open-minded to use data to find what’s working and what’s not working.  We’ll be smart about how we deliver programs versus just reacting, to drive long term “big boulder” results versus tactical items. We’ll partner closely with leadership and front-line managers to have them be an extension of the enablement team.”


  1. Proactive planning, how to be smart on what we deliver
  2. Partner with front-line managers leaders
  3. Use data to drive find out what’s working and what’s not working
Laurie Schrager
VP, Global Revenue Operations, Enablement & Education

“We’re looking to build and scale our enablement ‘house’ for long-term success. We’re focused on getting back to basics with sales skills training refreshers and expanding the role-specific enablement programs we offer. We’ll also be focused on working closely with front-line managers to help drive success of our programs. We see ourselves as the team that enables all other organizations to do their jobs better and provide a vehicle for Domo’s growth.”


  1. Back to basics with sales skills
  2. Enable the enablers on our team
  3. Spend more time with front-line managers understanding what their teams need and why
Callie Apt
Senior Director, Global Field Enablement & Proposals

“We’re expanding the enablement function to look at more of the full go-to-market. It’s not just the sales team. We’re enabling customer success and partners too. We’re measuring the metrics and correlating activities to outcomes.”


  1. Broaden sales enablement to go-to-market enablement
  2. Focus on partner enablement
  3. Measure impact tying activities to outcomes
Werner Schmidt
Vice President, Sales Enablement