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Here are nine ways to make your sales kickoff events amazing. Our proven strategies and tactics will make your sales kickoff event more impactful and engaging. Follow these best practices and you’ll be recognized as a rockstar by your team and leaders.  


#1 PITCH: Roll-out your corporate pitch before your kickoff and have everyone practice, record and review their corporate presentations before your event starts. Create leaderboard to showcase the best. Have your teams score each other’s to drive up social learning. Don’t forget to have your managers do the coaching and reviews too.

#2 TRAINING: Have your teams complete product and sales process training before the event. By front-ending your event with content and training that would normally take up agenda time, you can free up more time for networking and other team events.

#3 WIN STORIES: Have your teams record their best deal win stories and success stories before the event.  Show the best ones at your event. Doing this will help your teams network before, during and after the event too. As people meet in person during the event, they can use their stories as conversation ice-breakers.


#4 KICKOFF GUIDE: Set up a kickoff event guide including welcome videos, program details, agenda and breakout details, ask me anything forums by topic and speaker, and a place to access presentations. Make the kickoff guide mobile friendly so folks have everythig they need about the kickoff event with them all the time.

#5 QUIZZES: Do spot tests and quizzes during keynotes and breakouts. Check knowledge, drive engagement and visualize sentiment with real-time dashboards. It’s a great way to keep people on their toes.

#6 HUDDLES: Set up Huddles for each keynote and breakout to drive speaker and employee collaboration during the event. Create a space for teams to ask real-time questions.


#7 REINFORCEMENT: Have your teams go through the messages and learnings after the kickoff event.  Share videos ad keynote presentations to watch and review after the event. Your teams will appreciate getting access to highlights videos.

#8 ASSESSMENTS: Formalize learning with assessments. Run quizzes and pitches after the event using content from the event. Do the assessments over an extended period time to drive up knowledge retention.

#9 CERTIFICATIONS: Have kickoff attendees complete a formal certification Correlate activity to pipeline and revenue outcomes. Measure the impact of your event and enablement activity.


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Elay Cohen

Elay Cohen

Elay Cohen is the author of SalesHood: How Winning Sales Managers Inspire Sales Teams to Succeed and the co-founder of SalesHood, a SaaS sales enablement platform and community for sales professionals. Elay is the former Senior Vice President of Sales Productivity at Salesforce. Recognized as the company's "2011 Top Executive", and credited for creating and executing all of Salesforce's sales productivity programs that accelerated its growth from $500M to $3B+ in revenue. The sales training and sales support innovations delivered over these years by Elay and his team to thousands of sales reps resulted in unprecedented hypergrowth. He also created the Partner Relationship Management (PRM) category.

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