SalesHood - Replay- The New Virtual SKO

The New Virtual SKO Live Event

Replay Available Watch Now
Watch the replay of a highly relevant and engaging live event about "The New Virtual SKO" experience. Learn from leaders at Trinet, Seagate and DOMO as they share how they executed their virtual sales kickoffs these past few months.

90 Minute Replay Agenda

1. Meet the experts to hear their stories (25 minutes)
2. Live Q&A with the experts (20 minutes)
3. Review industry SKO research (15 minutes)
4. See our new SKOx offering in action (15 minutes)
5. More live Q&A with the experts (25 minutes)
KELLEY RADCLIFFE Sr. Manager, Global Sales Training
JILL GUARDIA Executive Director, Sales Enablement
CALLIE APT Senior Director Global Sales Enablement and Proposals